Friday, January 5, 2007

(after reading e.e. c______s)

times if I wallow
in a hot tub
it happens i turn on cold
and the spray as it tickels my toes
feels (yes) good
like a waterfall
or waking on a hot night
and reaching for some body
that smells mmmmmmmmmm (yes) you
under stuff just the
right wet you breathe
(hard) and everything absolutely
this too Y E E S S S
(you feel) right like
hot mountain lava
pool and the tree
and the grins on our faces
'cause we're making a waterfall
and i please you (yes)
and you please me (yes!!!) and
we know ( W E K N O W )
the slipperiest
swimming for wiggle
in quick
and its wonderful smooth
bubble my ears
like a jewel
to my toes
and it feels (yes) feels
Y E S S S ! ! ! (you feel)
like my (marsh moon pollywog)
favorite brother

*This poem appeared in my chapbook A TRIP THROUGH MAMA KALI'S ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN, 1983 and my chapbook, QUAIL GO BERZERK 1996. I retain all rights.